Sustainable Tourism Management


Sustainable Tourism Management

low impact, socially responsible and distinct tourism experiences. 

Economic growth through tourism can be achieved in a way that respects people, cultures, social impacts and the environment.  STM works in collaboration with its clients to design tourism development strategies to attain economic growth while taking into account the socio-cultural and environmental impacts.


connections that matter

The relationships and the resources you need

connections that matter

The relationships and the resources you need


STM Global Consulting offers assessment and strategic planning for sustainable tourism development.

Strategic services include

  • Strategic planning
    • Sustainable tourism principles and indicators
  • Tourism enterprise development
  • Design of tourism experiences
  • Rural tourism development
    • Assessment and implementation of projects for rural tourism development


Project Management for Sustainable Tourism

We have an established track record of success managing the implementation of sustainable tourism projects.

Project Management services include

  • Project design and evaluation
  • Success factors and best practices management
  • Documentation and analysis
  • Team coordination 


Our Director, Bibiana Cala, is a researcher, professor and educator in sustainable tourism. 

Educational opportunities include

  • Guest speaking engagements
  • Lectures
  • Workshops
  • Custom training programs

Meet Bibiana

Meet Bibiana

Bibiana Cala, PM4SD™ Practitioner

Founder and Director

Bibiana Cala is a leading expert in Sustainable Tourism Management and a certified Project Manager in Sustainable Development (PM4SD™ Practitioner). Throughout her career, she has worked with a variety of organizations and communities in the planning, implementation and evaluation of tourism development projects. As a true 'connector', she brings people and resources together in synergistic relationships that drive long term, sustainable growth through tourism.     

Most recently, Bibiana has advised and facilitated sustainable tourism projects in the Calgary area and across Southern Alberta. Her goal is to support knowledge- and resource-sharing opportunities that result in low impact, socially responsible and distinct tourism experiences. 

Bibiana is an anthropologist with a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Tourism Management. She has extensive experience and training in social research focused on sustainable tourism, community participation and social development. Over a wide-ranging career, she has advised governmental bodies and private organizations in the assessment and implementation of strategies and programs to support sustainable tourism development. She has participated in several international initiatives and possesses keen abilities for stakeholder engagement.

Passionate about sharing knowledge, she has been involved in the academic world as a university professor and she has volunteered in different organizations where she can share her skills and experience.